A prayer for the poisoned

 Forgive my blindness
 Forgive my deafness
 Forgive my lies and pretence. 
 Forgive my ignorance
 Forgive my coldness 
 Forgive my scorn and disdain.
 Forgive my deceptions
 Forgive my incompetence
 Forgive my turning away. 
 Forgive my ugliness
 Forgive my vanity
 Forgive my arrogance and blame. 
 Forgive my depravity
 Forgive my ingratitude
 Forgive my weakness and guilt.
 Forgive my squandering
 Forgive my impatience
 Forgive my wounding and shame. 
 Forgive my weariness
 Forgive my misery
 Forgive my fear and control. 
 Forgive my faithlessness
 Forgive my doubting
 Forgive this poor, futile game.  

In the eyes

There is something stark and open in the eyes of those men and women who have experienced rock bottom. Their humility has been born through desperation and total descent. They know that they have fallen, and they see that they are broken.

When looking towards God from this position, the task at hand seems to be that of bridging the unfathomable distance between the depths of this pit and the seat of heaven. I now feel that God is particularly close to us here, when we crack open and shatter our false selves beyond repair. Our abyss becomes filled with the chance for repentance and the hope of Truth. He is with us in our emptiness.

The intent in the eyes of those reaching up from so low continues to be one of the most beautiful things that I have ever witnessed.

"That man is perfect in faith who can come to God
in the utter dearth of his feelings and desires,
without a glow or an aspiration,
with the weight of low thoughts, failures, neglects,
and wandering forgetfulness
and say to Him
"Thou art my refuge."

George Macdonald