To know reality, I must feel it
To know depravity, I must drown in it
To know flesh, I must touch it
To know grief, we meet. 

To know humility, I must bow to it
To know fear, I must be it
To know sorrow, I must be lost in it
To know violence, we embrace. 

To know weakness, I am broken
To know loneliness, I am born
To know futility, I am faithless
To know freedom, I submit.  

To know a language, I speak it
To know falsehoods, I lie
To know truth, I am silent
To love, I forgive.

23rd January 2020, Somerset, England. 


Our peace in this present life should not depend on absence of adversity but on humble acceptance. Those who accept suffering will enjoy peace. Such a person is a conqueror of the self, a ruler of the world, a friend of Christ and an inheritor of heaven.

Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

Whatever happens (in 2021)

A poem from Rumi to open the new year, with love to all who read these words.

whatever happens 
to the world around
show me your purpose
show me your source

even if the world 
is Godless and in chaos
show me your anchor
show me your love

if there is hunger
if there is famine
show me your harvest
show me your resource

if life is bitter
everywhere snakes everywhere poison
show me your garden
show me your meadow

if the sun and the moon fall
if darkness rules the world
show me your light
show me your flame

if I have no mouth 
or tongue to utter
words of your secrets
show me your fountain

I'll keep silence
how can I express 
your life when mine 
still is untold.