..we must remember that the soul is but a hollow which God fills. Its union with God is, almost by definition, a continual self-abandonment – an opening, an unveiling, a surrender of itself. A blessed spirit is a mould ever more and more patient of the bright metal poured into it, a body ever more completely uncovered to the meridian blaze of the spiritual sun.

C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain

Mercy in the heavens

"Your mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; 
Your faithfulness reaches to the 
Your righteousness is like the great 
Your judgements are a great deep; 
O Lord You preserve man and beast."
Psalm 36:5-6
Light on Marrowstone Island, Washington State, May 2018

In the land of his affliction

In the land of his affliction
the wise man bows down low, 
glad in humble posture
that the inner light will glow. 

As darkness smothers senses, 
so the heart must guide the way -
the furnace howls, the errors burn
the smoke of doubt holds sway. 

Acquiesce? No, persevere
he turns within anew,  
takes up the cross and drinks the cup,
walks like the faithful few. 

On route he knows the refuge is
to share the gifted load -
in sorrow poured out prayerfully
a lighter yoke bestowed. 

25th July 2021, Wiltshire, England. 

We Fragmented Few

 We fragmented few 
 travel the haunted path to salvation
 seeking goodness, seeking nearness. 
 All our shuttered eyes can see 
 is the infinite expanse of distance 
 that stretches between here and wholeness. 
 We breathe into the void, 
 each exhalation a call
 for that feast of light, that place of purity.
 Waylaid by desire, capsized by fear, 
 we yearn for the absolute freedom 
 of the uncaged image in which we were made.  

Devon, England, 11th December 2020

Blessed be Your name

CHRIST: My child, let My will be your guide. I know what is best for you. Your understanding is human and your judgement is affected by your personal concerns.

DISCIPLE: Lord, what You say is true. Your concern will order my life better than I can myself. Those who do not place their anxiety on You will be very insecure. Lord, keep my will steadfast and true to You. Do with me whatever you please, for everything is good which comes to me through Your will. If you want me to be in darkness, blessed be your name. If it is light, blessed be your name. If You grant me comfort, blessed be Your name. If You wish to test me, blessed be your name forever.

Thomas à Kempis - The Imitation of Christ


At the heart of every darkness is a blinding light

Here we are again. The shifting balance of light and dark have reached a special point in the seasonal pendulum swing. I am reminded of a beautiful phrase from the mystical scholar Peter Kingsley whose work I discovered only recently. His words “at the heart of every darkness is a blinding light” cut into my own heart, and strike me as the perfect arrangement of letters for the winter solstice. 

I feel a special kind of joy this year. I have a good resting place and am reconnecting with the beauty of my homeland. The cool climate suits my northern vehicle, and the possibility of even a modest scattering of snow brings me a child-like thrill after so many winters spent in warmer climes. The crystalline formations adorning those brave little plants still daring to raise their heads above ground combined with the satisfying crunch of iced grass under foot is a treat. These tiny sensory delights remind me to be grateful. What a privilege it is to be alive, and to have “the universe in our hearts.”

"When you want what's so much greater than yourself, 
there's never a chance of being finally fulfilled. 
And yet something very strange happens.
When you want that and refuse to settle for anything else, it comes to you.
People who love the divine go around with holes in their hearts,
and inside the hole is the universe."

Peter Kingsley

The movement continues. We are here, and then we will be there. Always and ever an opportunity to enjoy now. I wish all evolving souls a wonderful winter solstice, and I leave you with a vivid depiction of the seasonal voyage (with thanks to Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta and Janine Jensen).