I did not know

I did not know 
that I could feel
real joy from unseen cause -
I had not let 
my mind be still
with clever thought on pause. 

I could not hear
beyond my wants,
my fantasies and fears - 
I did not sense
the present peace 
for striving, strain and tears. 

I had not touched
the heart of faith 
for I lacked humble poise -
I could not take
the emptiness 
below self’s faulty noise.

I had not held 
the offered hope
of imager, our role,
but then the good news 
force of truth
was poured into my soul. 

And now I taste
true gratitude
the more I cease to steer -
in yielding up 
the reigns to God
it's alright to be here.
A ditty from Wiltshire, England, 2.2.22


Our peace in this present life should not depend on absence of adversity but on humble acceptance. Those who accept suffering will enjoy peace. Such a person is a conqueror of the self, a ruler of the world, a friend of Christ and an inheritor of heaven.

Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

The Son of Encouragement

 I knew him only briefly,
 but felt his heart to be
 wrought from finest gold
 and marked with rare sincerity.
 His manner kind and gentle, 
 I have no doubt he brought
 consolation, strength and faith
 to those he humbly taught. 
 He’d reached a place of steadfast peace 
 and thus his presence flowed 
 from here to his eternal rest,
 in love’s divine abode. 
In memoriam P.H. 1934 - 2020