New Growth

Poured out,
self into self -
yesterday’s shadows
trace shapes of desire.

Poured out,
shame under shame -
today’s fear-faced blossoms
open when touched.

Poured out,
fire over fire -
tomorrow’s visions
show mountains dissolved.

Poured out,
life above death -
eternity’s promise:
an unarmoured heart.

Cursed and yet free

I say now quite frankly 
to friend and to foe, 
the end is upon us, 
the tide it ebbs low.
As insipid weakness
breaks open the cracks, 
in dreamland and daylight 
we see what we lack.

The bare brittle ego, 
the nation, the tribe, 
the scared, cornered beast 
with claws out to survive.
In this polarised climate
of love, hate and quirks, 
each shall be given
in line with their works. 

For labourers chosen
and heeding the call, 
a place of great balance
comes after their fall. 
The beam of divinity
cuts to the bone, 
shatters their selves
and collapses their homes. 

Bloodied they rise
from the dust with a cry, 
to continue the gauntlet 
of arrows and lies, 
where the star and the pebble,
the brook and the tree,
guide them to touching
the One found in three.

As souls born of light,
here in darkness they see
the template of paradise, 
cursed and yet free. 

For N.K. 

That which has never lived…

Fun times indeed on the great ship Britannia! As we slither our way ungraciously into a state of farcical and fast-paced decline, there is much talk about how Brexit marks “The Death Of Democracy”. I feel that it is reasonable to point out that this is terribly incorrect. To say that something dies does rather imply that it has been alive. Democracy is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as follows:

“Government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation”

You don’t need to have ventured into the deepest conspiratorial rabbit holes to see that this is simply not the case over here. Supreme power vested in the people of the British Isles? Pull the other one! We have never directly experienced life in a democratic society, so we have no idea what it might look like or how it might feel.

That which has never lived cannot die.

However: beliefs are on the way out en masse – beliefs in fairness, justice and civility, amongst other things. In other words, structural notions that hold the seams of reality together are collapsing. The depth and boldness of your vision determines how much is currently in a terminal state. Men of England you are still slaves. Look closely. Can’t you see it too?