Sufficiency’s source 
is not found in acres,
nor bolstered by gathering and storing. 

So I empty my shelves 
of possession, pride and power, 
making way for the end of self rule.

The days are so swift
I am pushed to surrender, 
prostrate in the entropic rush.

As I cease to defend,
rigid thoughts turn to dross
and the old scaffold withers away. 

To the sacred order
I make a simple plea: 
in frailty may I know His strength. 

Total lunar eclipse, 26th May 2021, Wiltshire, England.

Satan’s Sermon

You are my servants, vassals to, the earthly feudal lords
who revel in the power of their temporal rewards. 
With streams of sacrificial blood their meal time and their play, 
my bloodlines will persist in this deception and decay. 

You slaves cleave to your comfort and your shallow, sensual days -
a somnambulant collective I make changeless in its ways. 
Dear fools you carved my fiefdom, smothered truth and so obscured 
the fact of God’s One Kingdom and your victory assured.

You chose the perfect master for you do not wish to know
the pain of transformation that must come to those who grow. 
I’ll keep you safe, bound as I am, and help you to evade 
the word of truth, the way, the light, the reason you were made. 

With thanks to Screwtape. 10th May 2021, Wiltshire, England.