The Messenger

An agent of God in unusual form,
he came with intent and sailed into the storm.
He adorned those he chose with ineffable traits, 
true kindness and patience, from good into great. 

Slow movements could not veil the bright fire inside
as he gifted humility, freedom from pride. 
While his wings were concealed from most human eyes,
for those who drew near we saw through the disguise. 
- With eternal gratitude to N & love for his family

I did not know

I did not know 
that I could feel
real joy from unseen cause -
I had not let 
my mind be still
with clever thought on pause. 

I could not hear
beyond my wants,
my fantasies and fears - 
I did not sense
the present peace 
for striving, strain and tears. 

I had not touched
the heart of faith 
for I lacked humble poise -
I could not take
the emptiness 
below self’s faulty noise.

I had not held 
the offered hope
of imager, our role,
but then the good news 
force of truth
was poured into my soul. 

And now I taste
true gratitude
the more I cease to steer -
in yielding up 
the reigns to God
it's alright to be here.
A ditty from Wiltshire, England, 2.2.22


Today, I take a moment to create a space of gratitude in honour of my fellow pilgrims. 

I give thanks for their enquiring minds and their loving hearts. 

I give thanks for their tenacity in seeking answers to painful questions. 

I give thanks for their humour in the midst of insanity. 
I give thanks that they are brave enough to change. 

I give thanks because they have helped me to understand what home is. 

To all of you, from me, with as much love as you can handle. 
Your truthful presence changes everything.  
The other JC


Today, rather than writing a shopping list, I am writing a ten-point gratitude list. Sometimes I need to remind myself that this earthly shit-show is not just grim and grotty – it is also sublime and supernatural, when I remember to zoom out. It is all too easy to get caught in the sadness and pain of this disintegrating world, or entangled in the little cell of me-and-mine-and-lack-and-sorrow.

On the surface this is a simplistic exercise, but I’ve found that a well-aimed gratitude list can call time on a particularly potent bout of heaviness and encourage the tide of balance and perspective to rise again.

I am grateful for my true Father.  

I am grateful for my inspiring circle of fellowship.

I am grateful for my brave and good-hearted brother.

I am grateful for the seed of strength that I have been given to water.

I am grateful that I can be of service to those who have ears to hear.

I am grateful for the infinite possibilities gifted to me through my mind, my heart and my hands.

I am grateful for my continuing pilgrimage through England's churches and cathedrals.

I am grateful for the perfect proportions of the Peak District.

I am grateful for freshly picked summer flowers.

I am grateful for the sound of the bees at work.
A smile from on high. St Andrew’s Church, Great Durnford, Wiltshire

For RG - because I am also grateful for you.