I did not know

I did not know 
that I could feel
real joy from unseen cause -
I had not let 
my mind be still
with clever thought on pause. 

I could not hear
beyond my wants,
my fantasies and fears - 
I did not sense
the present peace 
for striving, strain and tears. 

I had not touched
the heart of faith 
for I lacked humble poise -
I could not take
the emptiness 
below self’s faulty noise.

I had not held 
the offered hope
of imager, our role,
but then the good news 
force of truth
was poured into my soul. 

And now I taste
true gratitude
the more I cease to steer -
in yielding up 
the reigns to God
it's alright to be here.
A ditty from Wiltshire, England, 2.2.22

The cross is ready and waiting

"God wants you to experience tribulations without comfort so you can fully surrender yourself to Him, and grow more humble through suffering. Those who suffer like Christ will feel in their hearts the passion of Christ. The Cross stands ready and waiting for you everywhere. You can't escape from it, wherever you go you take yourself with you and always find yourself. Look upwards or downwards, inwards or outwards and you will find the Cross everywhere. So, if you wish to attain inner peace and win the eternal crown, you must be patient in all things."

- Thomas á Kempis, The Imitation of Christ