Aid and attend us

With every power for good to stay and guide me,
comforted and inspired beyond all fear,
I’ll live these days with you in thought beside me,
and pass, with you, into the coming year.

While all the powers of Good aid and attend us,
boldly we’ll face the future, be it what may.
At even, and at morn, God will befriend us,
and oh, most surely on each new year’s day

The old year still torments our hearts, unhastening:
the long days of our sorrow still endure.
Father, grant to the soul thou hast been chastening
that Thou hast promised—the healing and the cure.

Should it be ours to drain the cup of grieving
even to the dregs of pain, at thy command,
we will not falter, thankfully receiving
all that is given by thy loving hand.

But, should it be thy will once more to release us
to life’s enjoyment and its good sunshine,
that we’ve learned from sorrow shall increase us
and all our life be dedicate as thine.

To-day, let candles shed their radiant greeting:
lo, on our darkness are they not thy light,
leading us haply to our longed-for meeting?
Thou canst illumine e’en our darkest night.

When now the silence deepens for our harkening,
grant we may hear thy children’s voices raise
from all the unseen world around us darkening
their universal paean, in thy praise.

While all the powers of Good aid and attend us,
boldly we’ll face the future, be it what way.
At even, and at morn, God will befriend us,
And oh, most surely on each new year’s day!

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer, his final poem, written for new year 1945

The Son of Encouragement

 I knew him only briefly,
 but felt his heart to be
 wrought from finest gold
 and marked with rare sincerity.
 His manner kind and gentle, 
 I have no doubt he brought
 consolation, strength and faith
 to those he humbly taught. 
 He’d reached a place of steadfast peace 
 and thus his presence flowed 
 from here to his eternal rest,
 in love’s divine abode. 
In memoriam P.H. 1934 - 2020 

Last orders

“Has God not made foolishness of the wisdom of the world?” 1 Corinthians 1:20

Yes indeed! And what an excellent job He has done. Here we are, masked like rabid dogs, falling for fear and division, and bending the collective knee to the most farcical of false narratives. The quicksands of worldly wisdom would have us all slithering blithely into the darkest depths of untruth and wrongness. And yet in the timely spirit of polarisation, the tangle of deceit that has been woven through all sectors of society is becoming increasingly palpable.

It takes more than the burying of one’s head in the sand to ignore what is taking place. It requires the entombment of the entire body of logic, reason and common sense, as well as the abandonment of the organs of feeling and intuition. It seems to me that these choices, made in ignorance, extinguish the loving spark that is present within every individual, the one that invites each one of us to care about what is real and kindle the flame of what is good. Though who am I to say? Perhaps the spark is just placed on standby.

The wonderful unravelling is underway! Last chance to choose Truth. Last chance to get right with God. Last orders at the Fallen Earth Saloon.

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” Romans 8:18

Mendelssohn’s eightfold path

The good and the beautiful are always with us, no matter how upside down and unpleasant the external human theatrics may seem right now. Spring is arriving, the daffodils are radiant and this piece of music fills my whole being with such bliss. The freshness and hope of a 16 year old composer beams infectiously from these sounds. Joy, youthfulness and freedom are embodied here in just over 30 minutes. It is a most beautiful antidote to the current atmosphere.

Mendelssohn Octet in E-flat major, composed 1825

A beacon of goodness

One night, unexpected, a meeting of two, 
shines a beacon of goodness, pure, clear and true.
Six hours of honesty - minutes so few,
the depth of connection familiar and new.

In the briefest of contracts, these souls join to share
their intent to find beauty, to love and to care.
In witnessing light in this moment so rare,
they cross a fine threshold, fates parting laid bare. 

With verity to the day's one divine plan, 
they play their parts openly, best as they can.
The woman who sees a spark lit thanks the man
who is gifted then moves on, all part of God's plan. 

For CW, a beacon of goodness.