Today, I take a moment to create a space of gratitude in honour of my fellow pilgrims. 

I give thanks for their enquiring minds and their loving hearts. 

I give thanks for their tenacity in seeking answers to painful questions. 

I give thanks for their humour in the midst of insanity. 
I give thanks that they are brave enough to change. 

I give thanks because they have helped me to understand what home is. 

To all of you, from me, with as much love as you can handle. 
Your truthful presence changes everything.  
The other JC

Today there is no furrow

 Today there is no furrow, 
not even yet a plow, 
only movement unestablished
with no what, nor where nor how.

A package of uncertainty, 
a weight to savour straight, 
unburdened from the duty 
of location, place and date. 

Reaching into no man’s land
through fetters, chains and threads, 
persisting and perspiring 
as the unknown folds and spreads. 

With delicate maneuvers 
aimed to heal and then re-make, 
which paradox will open up
the route that I must take?